Capitalizing on good street furniture 

Marie’s Packaging Prototypes

Today Jesyka was able to get my designs onto some of the packaging Marie’s will be using! She sent them my way to get a good look at what was working and what wasn’t. Only a few adjustments and the set, all 7 will be ready to be customized for each flavor in each category!…

Competitive Analysis + Packaging Expedition

  Today Jesyka and I did some fast and dirty testing of our packaging ideas. Looking to save money and materials we have been looking into different types of containers for Marie’s products. We created quick mock up and went to a local grocer to see how they sat on the shelves, and to see what…

User Testing | Marie’s

Today we conducted user testing on our first prototype! For the redesign, the dashboard is one of the biggest updates, and the greatest potential impact for the baker and owner’s experience. For testing, we decided to take our dashboard, make it relatively high fidelity, to collect the most realistic feedback, and test it out. Testing…

Updating the Site Arch | Marie’s

As Is To Be Retail Facing Site Excess pages and content were cut and reorganized for a concise, mobile-first experience. The shopping cart experience and menu were redesigned, and a custom cake-builder tool was created to streamline and digitize the manual ordering process. To see the updated site, check it out here. Shoppe + Wholesale…

Kick off to Marie’s Redesign

Today my friend and Jesyka met to kick off the redesign of Marie’s Gluten Free Bake Shoppe. We took inventory of the current site, discussing goals for the redesign, what worked and didn’t work, and sketching out quick concepts for the update.

Illustration Process

Right now, as a side project, I am working on developing the brand and packaging for my friend’s granola project. I started working with new media, gouache specifically, and am having some fun with it. Not sure of the pattern direction just yet, working through botanical, abstract, and grain/nut directions. More to come.